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Each of us tends to believe in signs. Sometimes this addiction is depressing, and sometimes useful. And although most of the signs are about everyday life, gamblers have their own superstitions. The most common of these relate to the relationship between heart affairs and the game, convincing that if you are not lucky in one, then necessarily lucky in the other.
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Each of them has its own origin, i.e. their origin is not spontaneous, but due to the confluence of certain factors. Thus, for example, the emergence of superstition “if before entering a gambling establishment flying by a bird leaves its mark on the player’s hat, he is sure to be lucky” associated with the legend of Blanchard: the day he ripped off a casino big win, the fields of his hat soiled doves fluttering near the entrance to the institution. Blanchard had noticed this coincidence many times, so it’s not surprising that their relationship has grown into one. And although, thanks to this very example, Blanchard once remained broke (he lost in the casino and subsequently gave up gambling), most lucky players dream of a bird “dripping” on the apron.

Or here’s the justification for the appearance of the omen “money goes to money” (which is inextricably linked to the saying “fools of luck”): fortune favors those who easily treat everything in life, in particular money. Players have noticed that the fear of losing every bet and losing their savings always leads to an unsatisfactory result in the game. Conversely, the easy handling of money can make a big difference. Therefore, it is believed that going to the casino, do not count on winning and should treat the money available for the game as if it is no longer there. And although the superstition of “money sticks to money” has other “roots”, this justification for the omen is the most common.

It is possible, of course, not to believe what people say. However, the overwhelming confluence of circumstances leading to a certain result sometimes forces people to reconsider their worldview and to believe the superstitions that have been passed on from mouth to mouth for centuries.

The signs of gambling

  1. Here is a series of receptions that accompany gambling people through life:
  2. newcomers are always accompanied by luck;
  3. seeing a woman on her way to the casino is a sign of trouble;
  4. the compliment received during the game is sure to be followed by a loss;
  5. sitting on a chair with a handkerchief put on it, you can change the location of fortune (with a long fall of bad cards will start to get good ones);
  6. the touch of a woman during a game to a player’s shoulder promises an unfavourable outcome not only of the game started, but of all subsequent games as well;
  7. you cannot play with money taken from other people;
  8. luck will leave the player who (by smoking a cigarette) puts the match across the match that was already in the ashtray;
  9. if you lose, you must not let your passions go (this may wake up the failure demon who will haunt the player in the next game);
  10. if your partner loses, you can’t say the phrase “bad luck” (otherwise you won’t get lucky in the next game);
  11. if you have bad luck in a card game you must stand up and turn around 3 times (holding a chair), this will attract luck;
  12. it’s not good luck to have a squint man at a game table;
  13. in order to get the favor of fortune when handing out cards and prioritizing players’ moves, it’s worth removing all the twos from the deck;
  14. changing your place in the game, you should move in the clockwise direction;
  15. the most “unsuccessful” card is the four of clubs;
  16. roulette lovers are the luckiest in the new year;
  17. Touching a cat for gamblers is bad luck; having dogs in the game room is a reason to fight;
  18. “Friday” and “13” of any month is a bad day for a card game (if you’ve ever played at that time, you better hope your luck leaves your partner, not you).
  19. Perhaps some of these superstitions are the embodiment of the players’ fantasy. But do not rule out the possibility that all of them – a true reflection of the future, which will immediately follow this or that event. So to believe or not in omens – it’s up to you, but knowing them will not hurt.